LG WashTower: Is LG Wash Tower the Right Choice For You?

If you like a full sized stacked washer and dryer without needing a step stool to reach, the LG WashTower is a great choice. This LG incorporates an innovative design that gives you the sleek look of a stackable washer and dryer without the struggle of hard-to-reach top controls (or the inconvenience of having to stack your washer/dryer!).

1970s-style laundry centers are an all-in-one solution to bulky washer dryer sets but feature-poor wash quality. And not to mention, they're an eyesore that will have you closing the door to the laundry room before guests come over. Luckily, LG has taken the laundry center into the 21st century with the new, single piece LG Wash Tower. You no longer need to purchase 2 machines; a washer and a dryer; connect them with an awkward stacking kit, and pay an installer additional fees for a complicated assembly.

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